Miloš Biháry @ Trnavský Jazzýk

Trnavský Jazzýk – Strong festival with local tradition is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary of existence. This special edition was filled with local jazz groups, good mood and great people.

Trnavský Jazzýk Festival originaly established in my hometown Trnava offers one of the best options to listen to the stars of jazz music performing live in Slovakia. This year the festival was celebrating it’s 15th anniversary of existence. In the past years, there were such names as Trilok Gurtu, Aaron Parks, Benito Gonzales or Helge Lien Trio and many many other famous musicians of the jazz music who I spectated as a part of the audience. In contrast, this special year was marked by my own input to the programme. As a conductor of a small orchestra, I was arranging and conducting jazz-arrangements of band Miloš Biháry & Jazz Funk Brothers.

Petra Pálková – violin

The Idea of the Orchestra

Miloš Biháry, great pianist both for classical and jazz music and my dear good friend asked me to make this performance in the “orchestral” style. We spend some time together till the final score for the performance was ready. The orchestra consists of 8 musicians, together with Miloš’s trio it makes 12 people alltogether. The intention was to enrich and support the colour if the band’s original songs. It would certainly not be possible without the will and friendly approach of people playing. Those were:

  • Milos Biháry – piano/bandleader
  • Marek Taraj – bass
  • Juraj David Rasi – drums
  • Tomás Köppl – conductor
  • Karolína Krigovská – 1.violin
  • Petra Pálková – 2.violin
  • Ferdinand Slezák – 3.violin
  • Magdaléna Izakovicova – violoncello
  • Matej Korbelic – trumpet
  • Zora Mrvová – flute
  • Silvia Macejova – saxophone
  • Igor Kuzma – trombone
The applause was huge! So was the attention.

Power of the Unknown

Honestly, nobody was sure about what to expect. After one hour of playing, deep soloing and changing moods and themes from song to song, there was something magical in the standing ovation we got. Seems like the key to this was in the songs. One song was called Chopin and started with original Chopin music for solo piano. The other started as Mozart’s Turkish March and changed the theme to absolutely different jazz combo overload of solos and unexpected harmonic and motivic changes. I was very pleased to hear many good words after finishing this. Some people even mentioned the concert after a week or two saying it was perfect.

The same programme but with new rearrangements will occur in this opening season. Moreover I am very pleased to conduct this performances because of the opportunity to show the two worlds, the world of classical musician and the world of jazz improvisation, together on one stage.

Future performances

We would love to bring this project to as many people as possible. Thanks to Miloš and his endavour, people can come again on the next dates:

  • 15. September – Hlohovec (SK) – “Hudba mestu”
  • 4. October – Kosice (SK) – International Jazz Festival Kosice
  • 20. October – Orava district (SK) – Orava Jazz Festival
Milos Biháry on his best moments

Bright sights of next season

Above all, I love to write for live performances. As a composer and arranger, I need to listen to my ideas in real. Moreover, if there is some will and a good idea I struggle till it’s finished. I am thrilled because recently I finished a long work on a project I can not say anything to in this while, but in the next few months I will post a special feature about this and an INNER VIEW to my world of composing and music production.

If you would like to stay updated, just let me know.

Finally, I am looking forward to see you on stage somewhere.


Tomas Koppl conductor