“Viete ako…” by Ľudové mladistvá – is out!

My friend’s jazz/fusion/folk band has just released their debut CD. This project created by my friend Martin ‘Majlo’ Štefánik – Ľudové mladistvá – combines slovak folklore and jazz inspirations. I was honored to record orchestral parts! There is finaly a result. You can follow and listen their awesome music on almost every streaming platform.

Here are some photos from the session. The orchestral part can be heard in the song Hlaše, which will shortly be filmed as the music video this summer. Chamber orchestra was full of nice and friendly people. I am so proud of our work on the record.

Moreover I supported the recording of the choral parts in some songs. The final result is worth listening and sharing. Love to see this great fusion of such different genres alive. Wish them all the best!

FB: Ľudové mladistvá