Gjeilo’s Sunrise Mass

The powerful music of Norwegian composer Ola Gleilo has been inspiring since I first worked on his pieces. This music is moving and emotional, yet close to the listeners ear…

In March 2018 I’ve been honored to prepare and conduct his Sunrise Mass – mass for mixed chorus and string orchestra – in Kračúnovce and Prešov located in the East Slovakia. This beautiful composition was performed by students of opera singing at Bratislava Conservatory and students and professional string players from Kračúnovce and Košice.

Together we performed it two times, first in Prešov’s church Solivar and second in Kračúnovce. I must say that both concerts were sold out, people were so welcoming and happy to hear this charming music at their hometown. Moreover, I will obtain video recording of this performance shortly and publish it on my webpage and Youtube.

The structure

This interresting piece of music deals with standard latin mass libretto, but the idea is a bit different. The four parts are named as following:

  1. The Spheres
  2. Sunrise
  3. The City
  4. Identity and the Ground

This non-liturgical concept deals with the sunlight reaching clouds first, than the city of people and brings the idea of God (the inner sense and concept of love and piece) to the hearts of people. Thrilling to conduct with such idea!

All this happened by my friend Peter Cyprich, great musician, singer and organizer, who takes care of the cultural support of his home city and region. Thanks to these people we could bring Geilo’s 4 movement 30-minute piece to the hearts of people and celebrate the Easter time together. The final effect is a result of lights and decoration guys without whom the entire performance would hardly reach such success. We also plan some concerts for the Christmass period and also for the Easter 2019 with different program.

Video and recording is comming soon… Looking forward to new challenges and musical opportunities.